Discover the outdoor experience where fun is guaranteed

The Til-Tops outdoor activity park on Bornholm is an unforgettable experience for the entire family!

Our TREE-CLIMBING PARK (also called high-rope park) has 6 climbing tracks in different heights and difficulty levels. Nearly 100 obstances and zip lines that are up to 208m long are waiting for you. When you come climbing, make sure you’re wearing closed sturdy shoes and comfortable clothes. The outing takes about 2.5 to 4 hours.

For those who prefer to stay on ground instead of climbing in the trees, we can recommend our newly opened QUIZ LABYRINTH. Here you’ll need to choose your quiz topic and then answer questions to find your way through our labyrinth in the forest. At each T-junction, you get a quiz question to determine whether you turn left or right. Whether children or adults, easy quizzes or mastermind challenges – you can choose among different versions to keep you entertained. For the quiz labyrinth, you should plan about 1/2 to 1.5 hours.

In addition, you can try two version of adventure golf: In FOOTBALL GOLF and DISC GOLF, you will need to kick a football respectively throw a disc (frisbee) past various obstacles and into a target area. 18 holes are waiting to be conquered with as few kicks or throws as possible. Watch out for bushes and water hazards 🙂 Lots of fun for the entire family. Each 18-hole round of adventure golf takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.

Covid-19 Info

Given the current situation related to the corona virus outbreak we have changed our process in order to protect our guests and staff. For example, we limit our maximum group size to 10, disinfect the climbing equipment (harnesses and helmets) even more often, and ask our guests to regularly wash or disinfect their hands. Also, we ask guests to practice social distancing to people that do not live in the same household.

Opening Hours 2020

Please book your outing at least 24h in advance through our booking system: For groups up to 15 climbers, please use our online booking system. For groups with 16 or more climbers, please get in touch via email to tell when you’d like to come with how many guests. We will reply as quickly as possible to confirm your booking in writing. As long as you don’t have a written confirmation, you do not actually have a booking.

Opening Hours in October

During the Danish autumn school holidays, the park is open as follows:
Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday in week 42, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (weather permitting), last check-in at 2 p.m.
Given that the government regulations regarding the corona virus change often, we warmly recommend you book via the online booking system so you can be updated with news if required. 

Prices 2020

All prices are in Danish Kroner (DKK) incl. moms (VAT). At check-in you can pay cash or alternatively with maestro card, credit card, and we also accept MobilePay.


  • Eventyr-Tops (ADULTS), >1.30m and 16 years or older: DKK 299,-
  • Ung-Tops (JUNIOR), >1.30m and maximum 15 years old: DKK 225,- .
    Climbers >1.30m can climb our green tracks, climbers >1.40m can climb our green, blue and white tracks, climbers >1.60m can climb our green, blue, white and red tracks. Please note: Children under 10 years cannot climb on their own but only with an adult (who in turn requires an Eventyr-Tops ticket.)
  • Mini-Tops (MINI), <1.30m – DKK 95,-
    This ticket is only valid for the yellow kids track (which the child can of course climb several times). A accompanying parent can walk on the ground without a climbing harness – in this case, no ticket is required. If the accompanying parent would also like to climb the adult tracks (green/blue/white/red), an adult ticket is required.

Quiz Labyrinth:
Entrance DKK 50,- (per person, valid for the entire day, i.e. you can solve several quizzes, which follow different routes through the labyrinth)
Quiz DKK 25,- (several guests in a group can share a quiz)

Disc Golf:
ADULTS (16 years and older): DKK 60,-
JUNIOR (maximum 15 years old): DKK 40,- 

Football Golf:
ADULTS (16 years and older): DKK 60,-
JUNIOR (maximum 15 years old): DKK 40,- 

Golf Combo Ticket for Disc. AND Football Golf (played the same day)
ADULTS (16 years and older): DKK 100,-
JUNIOR (maximum 15 years old): DKK 60,- 

Frequently asked questions

Covid-19: How does it work in the park?

First of all, the Danish authorities have given their okay for climbing parks to open. We have adapted our processes to protect guests and employees. For example, we limit the maximum group size, disinfect climbing equipment even more regularly, and encourage our guests to regularly wash or disinfect their hands. Also, we ask guests to practice social distancing towards other guests who don’t live in their household.

Tree-climbing and zip-lining: Who can and who should not participate?

You don’t need any previous experience nor be particularly fit to try tree-climbing and zip-lining. However, you should be healthy and not suffer from heart / lung / back problems, and you cannot climb at Til-Tops if you’re pregnant. The park is open to guests aged 8 years and older. If you’re not climbing, you’re welcome to walk and watch – in that case, you don’t need to buy a ticket.

TREE-CLIMBING: are there any age or height restrictions?

YELLOW track (kids): maximum height 1.30m, which means children are typically aged between 3 and 7
GREEN tracks (2x, easy): minimum height 1.30m. Children under 10 climb with an adult.
BLUE tracks (2x, medium): minimum height 1.40m. Children under 12 climb with an adult.
RED track (1x, difficult): minimum height 1.60m. Children under 13 climb with an adult.
WHITE zip-line (medium): minimum height 1.40m. Children under 12 climb with an adult.

How long does the activity take?

TREE-CLIMBING: please plan for circa 30 minutes for the check-in and safety instruction, plus circa 1.5 to 2 hours climbing time.

QUIZ LABYRINTH: circa 30 to 45 minutes depending on the difficulty of the quiz. You can solve several quizzes, which take different routes through the labyrinth. You’ll choose the quiz topics yourself.

DISC GOLF and FOOTBALL GOLF: circa 60 to 90 minutes for each of the 18-hole courses.

What should I wear?

TREE-CLIMBING: If you’re climbing and zip-lining, closed sturdy shoes are a must – you cannot climb barefoot / in flipflops / in heels etc.. We recommend comfortable clothes and layers as you’ll get warm while climbing. If you’re not climbing, we recommend an extra layer so you stay warm in the forest.

QUIZ-LABYRINTH and DISC/FOOTBALL GOLF: comfy clothes and shoes. You are outside and walk the forest, fields and paths.

What about parking spaces and toilets?

We have free parking, and you can find toilets near our reception.

Do you sell any food?

We have a small KIOSK where you can buy cold and warm drinks, ice cream and snacks such as chocolate bars, cookies, chips. Between 12 and 5-ish, BJARKE’S FOODTRUCK is open so you can stock up on burgers, flæskestegssandwich (a Danish specialty, delicious!) and sausages.

What if it rains?

Bring a rain coat 🙂 and enjoy the tracks. While in the forest, you’ll be protected by the trees, so it’s drier. If there’s a thunderstorm or very windy, the park is too exposed and needs to be closed.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes – please keep your pet on a leash while you’re in the park.

Should I pre-book?

The park can get busy so we warmly recommend you pre-book to make sure that we reserve the required equipment for you. The easiest way to pre-book is our online system, just click on the button “BOOK NU” in the top right corner of the website.

Are there any public transport options to the park?

Yes… ish! Take bus 2 to Rø. Then it’s a circa 20-minute walk to the park. If you have a bicycle, you’ll have various cycling paths and beautiful surroundings, so that’s a good alternative to driving.

Is the park wheelchair-friendly?

Hmmmm. Unfortunately not really. The park is situated in a forest. Maybe with a sturdy cross-country wheelchair.

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