Outdoor adventures
on Bornholm

Here at Til-Tops Bornholm we have a total of 6 climbing courses at 1 to 18 meters height with the latest safety equipment, so you are assured when climbing. The park has a kiosk with the possibility of buying ice cream, chocolate, soda etc.

Our Parks

Come and see our many parks in Denmark

Bornholm park

Tree-climbing, Disc Golf and Football Golf near Gudhjem

Ledreborg park

Denmark’s largest cable car park and climbing track

Frederiksdal park

Tree-climbing in Virum

Havreholm park

Tree-climbing and Disc Golf in Hornbæk

Til Tops Byg

We now have our building department including planning, design and building of compelte parks

A day full of fun

Come and experience tree climbing. We have 6 courses of varying degrees of difficulty at a height of 1 to 18 meters. Experience the classic Football Golf where you are golfing with a football or Disc Golf, where you will be throwing Frisbees.

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Til Tops – Bornholm

  • Brommevej 10, 3760 Gudhjem

  • 2117 3743

  • bornholm@til-tops.dk
  • CVR: 37614971

Til Tops – Fly High

  • Ledreborg Alle, 4320 Lejre

  • 2117 3743

  • ledreborg@til-tops.dk

  • CVR: 39555263

Til Tops – Frederiksdal

  • Hummeltoftevej 179, 2830 Virum

  • 2117 3743

  • frederiksdal@til-tops.dk
  • CVR: 35667849

Til Tops – Havreholm

  • Klosterrisvej 4, 3100 Hornbæk

  • 2117 3743

  • havreholm@til-tops.dk
  • CVR: 36435178