Til-Tops Tree-Climbing park and Quiz-Labyrinth

Discover the outdoor experience where fun is guaranteed

The Til-Tops nature activity park on Bornholm is an unforgettable experience no matter your age:

Our TREE-CLIMBING and ZIP LINE PARK has 6 tracks in different heights and difficulty levels. Nearly 100 obstacles and up to 208 metre long zip lines will keep you entertained for hours. You don’t need any previous experience with climbing or tree-climbing. Remember to wear closed shoes (ideally trainers) and comfy clothes. Plan for 3 to 3,5 hours including safety instruction.

For those who prefer to stay on solid ground instead of walking among the tree tops, we recommend our brand new QUIZ LABYRINTH in the forest. Here you’ll select your favorite quiz topic from our selection to find your way through the labyrinth. At each T-junction you’ll answer a question to determine whether to go left or right. Whether children or adults, easy quizzes or mastermind challenges – you pick. There are different solutions for the labyrinth, so depending on your appetite, plan for 0,5 to 1,5 hours for this activity.

Another alternative is the two variants of ADVENTURE GOLF that are on offer: FOOTBALL GOLF and DISC GOLF.  Instead of a golf club, you talents in kicking a football respectively throwing a disc (or frisbee) will be needed. Just like in golf, your objective is to get to the target while avoiding various obstacles – and of course using as few kicks or throws as possible. Lots of fun for the entire family! Each of the golf courses has 18 holes, so you should plan for about 1 to 1,5 hours for the activity.

And if you’re getting hungry and thirsty after so much activity and fresh air, feel free to bring your own picnic supplies, or stock up on cold and warm drinks, ice cream and snacks in our KIOSK.


1st of JULY until 13th AUGUST:
Daily 10 am to 7 pm. Last check-in for climbing 4 pm, for the quiz labyrinth and golf 5.30 pm.

14th AUGUST until 14th OCTOBER:
We strongly recommend you book your activity in advance, or call to make sure the park is open before making your way across the island. Remember that times below are park closing times, and check-in for the activity closes 3 hours before that time (for climbing) respectively 1.5 hours before that time (for the labyrinth and golf).

  • Week 34: Monday 20th August CLOSED, Tuesday 10-6, Wednesday 10-4, Thursday 10-4, Friday CLOSED, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 25th August CLOSED.
  • Week 35: Monday 26th August CLOSED, Tuesday 3-7 pm, Wednesday 10-4.30, Thursday 10-3, Friday CLOSED, Saturday 11-5, Sunday 1st September CLOSED
  • Week 36: Monday 2nd September CLOSED, Tuesday 10-3.30, Wednesday 10-4, Thursday 10-3, Friday CLOSED, Saturday 11-5, Sunday 8th September CLOSED
  • Week 37: Monday 9th September CLOSED, Tuesday 11-3, Wednesday 10-4, Thursday 10-3, Friday CLOSED, Saturday 11-5, Sunday 15th September CLOSED
  • Week 38: Monday 15th September CLOSED, Tuesday 11-4, Wednesday 11-4, Thursday 11-3, Friday CLOSED, Saturday 11-5, Sunday 22nd September CLOSED
  • Week 39: Monday 23rd September CLOSED, Tuesday 11-3, Wednesday 10-5, Thursday 11-3, Friday CLOSED, Saturday 11-5, Sunday 29th September CLOSED


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