Safety wire throughout the track

Approved by the Danish Technological Institute

Everyone gets climbing harness and helmet


All get climbing harness and helmet, and undergo 20 minutes of instruction on a test track.

For each course there is a safety wire which is attached to a non-openable carabiner. One cannot therefore do something wrong with safety, and the system ensures that one cannot fall down.

It also means that we can hold children’s birthdays and other things, as supervision of each one on the course is not necessary.

The setup and the safety system are approved by the Danish Technological Institute, which is the controlling authority for this kind of course. In addition, the police have approved the facility. The approval is visible on the track.

Watch video of how to climb with this security system.

Til Tops – Bornholm

  • Brommevej 10, 3760 Gudhjem

  • 2117 3743

  • CVR: 37614971

Til Tops – Fly High

  • Ledreborg Alle, 4320 Lejre

  • 2117 3743


  • CVR: 39555263

Til Tops – Frederiksdal

  • Hummeltoftevej 179, 2830 Virum

  • 2117 3743

  • CVR: 35667849

Til Tops – Havreholm

  • Klosterrisvej 4, 3100 Hornbæk

  • 2117 3743

  • CVR: 36435178