Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers for Til-Tops Bornholm. If you cannot find an answer to what you are looking for on this page, please contact us today at +45 5648 4840 or send us an email to Then we will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.
COVID-19: how does it work in the park?

First of all, the Danish authorities have given their okay for climbing parks to open. We have adapted our processes to protect guests and employees. For example, we limit the maximum group size, disinfect climbing equipment even more regularly, and encourage our guests to regularly wash or disinfect their hands. Also, we ask guests to practice social distancing towards other guests who don’t live in their household.

TREE-CLIMBING: who can and who shouldn’t try it?

You don’t need any previous experience nor be particularly fit to try tree-climbing. However, you should be healthy and not suffer from heart / lung / back problems. The climbing park has a kids track for children as of circa 3 years, and our oldest guests were in their late 80ies. Our other activities (quiz labyrinth, adventure golf, picnic, gallery) are suitable for all those who are not keen or not able to explore the tree-climbing tracks.

QUIZ-LABYRINTH – how does it work?

You’ll choose a topic and difficultly level for your quiz and then navigate our labyrinth in the forest: each T-junction has a number, so you can find the corresponding question and your answer will point you either in the right direction to progress, or to a dead end. With your labyrinth ticket, you have access for the day and can then add one or several quizzes. We have quizzes in different languages.

FOOTBALL GOLF and DISC GOLF – how does it work?

Football Golf works like mini golf inasmuch as the objective is to get your ball into the hole with as few kicks as possible. It’s played with regular footballs and is therefore suitable for all ages – with smaller children you might decide that they can kick or throw the ball. There are various obstacles that you’ll need to avoid.

DiscGolf is played with a disc (or frisbee), which is thrown towards a basket. Again, you’ll need to avoid certain obstacles such as bushes, trees, and also some water hazards. 

How long do the activities take?

Tree-climbing: circa 30 mins for check-in and safety instruction, then circa 1.5 – 2 hours for climbing.

Quiz-labyrinth: circa 30 to 45 minutes depending on the difficulty of the quiz. You can take several quizzes (topics, difficulties and routes through the labyrinth are different).

DiscGolf and Football Golf: circa 60-90 minutes each.

What about PARKING, TOILETS and a KIOSK?

We have free parking, toilets at our reception, and a kiosk where you can buy cold and warm drinks, ice cream and snacks. We do not sell any food such as sandwiches, but you can bring your own picnic supplies and eat on our terrace or pick a nice spot in the park.

Should I pre-book my activities?

During the summer and particularly the school holidays, the park gets very busy. We warmly recommend you pre-book (particularly tree-climbing) to make sure that we reserve the required equipment for you.

What should I wear?

Tree-climbing: closed sturdy shoes are a must – you cannot climb barefoot / in flipflops / in heels etc.. We recommend comfortable clothes and layers as you’ll get warm while climbing.

Quiz labyrinth and Disc/Football Golf: comfortable clothes and shoes. You’ll be outside and walking in the forest.

What if it rains?

Bring a rain coat 🙂 and enjoy the tracks. While in the forest (tree-climbing/labyrinth), you’ll be somewhat protected by the trees, so it’s drier. If there’s a thunderstorm or very windy, the park is too exposed and needs to be closed. 

Can I bring my dog?

Yes – please keep your pet on a leash while you’re in the park.

Are there any public transport options to get to the park?

Yes… ish! Take bus 2 to Rø. Then it’s a circa 20-minute walk to the park. If you have a bicycle, you’ll have various cycling paths and beautiful surroundings, so that’s a good alternative to driving.


Til Tops – Bornholm

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Til Tops – Fly High

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Til Tops – Frederiksdal

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Til Tops – Havreholm

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