​Our TREE-CLIMBING PARK,  DISC-GOLF and FOOTBALL-GOLF tracks on Bornholm offer an unforgettable experience for all ages.                                                


- We have 6 tree-climbing tracks with over 75 elements in various difficulties and heights. We have a continuous safety system that does not require any previous climbing experience and is suitable across ages. During our safety instruction, guests learn how to use the tracks safely, and practise under the supervision of our instructors. 

- Our 9-hole Disc-Golf track and 18-hole Football-Golf track are a great outdoor activity across ages with plenty of fun in the fresh air. A disc respectively football is thrown or kicked across an obstacle course and into a target area. Whoever manages to do that in as few throws or kicks as possible wins the round. ​

Young and old, companies, families, couples, groups etc. can all enjoy some fun-filled hours at our outdoor adventure park.

Click here to book your time- or give us a call on +4556484840 or mail to: bornholm@til-tops.dk

OPENING HOURS October 2017

Thursday 5 October from 10 to 4, last check-in at 2pm

Saturday 7 October from 11 to 4, last check-in at 2pm

Wednesday 11 October from 10 to 4,  last check-in at 2pm

Thursday 12 October from 10 to 4, last check-in at 2pm

Saturday 15 October from 11 to 3, last check-in at 1pm

For pre-booked groups as of 15 participants, we happily open the park outside of these opening hours - please get in touch to agree a date and time!


Til-Tops Bornholm

Brommevej 10

3760 Gudhjem


Kontakt for generel information:

Telefon: 56 48 48 40

Mail: bornholm@til-tops.dk

CVR: 37614971


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